Annual General Meeting Notice

​11:33 AM, ​Sunday 6/12/2016 at Jug Bay

In addition to the Annual Election of Officers, the membership will vote on a Proposed Revision of the club By-Laws. It has been 18 years since the By-laws were last revised and based on the recommendations of a Special By-law Committee and a review by the Board of Directors a revised set of By-laws is being submitted for approval at the General Membership Meeting.

For full details, please see the NOTICE OF GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING section on the Jug Bay event webpage.

Coaching Course

Interested in being certified to coach orienteering? Here's your chance! Email Bill Ferguson to indicate potential interest.

WHEN: Later This Year (to be scheduled)

EVENT: OUSA Level I Coaching Certification Course, Little Bennett Regional Park, Nature Center, Clarksburg, MD

LOCATION: Little Bennett Regional Park, Nature Center, Clarksburg, MD


Need an SI-card (epunch)?

Wondering how to purchase an epunch, also known as an SI-card? Just use our Contact Us form, indicating what email address of yours we can send a PayPal invoice to, and which upcoming event you want to pick it up at.

The cost for the SI-8 epunch is $35 for QOC members and $40 for non-members; for the SI-9, $50/$55. More information can be found on our Epunch information webpage.

Calling All Mid-Atlantic Juniors

The Orienteering USA Junior Executive Steering Committee is excited to announce the formation of a Mid-Atlantic Regional Junior Orienteering Team. The team is open to all junior orienteers (under 21) who are excited about the sport and are interested in getting better through training and racing, all while creating a group of friends from around the region.

Long Day's Night Registration Open Now

Head directly to QOC's Long Day's Night website to read all about this exciting series of 3 races, including the 2014 Night Orienteering Championships, a Middle distance A-meet event, and the 2014 UltraLong Orienteering Championships. These three A-meet races take place Nov. 14 - 16 in Oregon Ridge, Hemlock, and Fountainhead parks, respectively.