I, the undersigned, know that orienteering, as an outdoor action sport, carries significant risk of personal injury. I know that there are natural and man-made hazards, environmental conditions, and risks which, in combination with my actions, can cause me sireious, or possibly even fatal, injury. I agree that I, as a participant, must take an active role in understanding and accepting these risks, conditions and hazards. I also agree that I, and not the organizers and officials of this event, the land owners or managers, or any sponsors, am responsible for my safety while I participate in this event.

In consideration of the acceptance of this form, intending to be legally bound, I do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all claims or damages I may have against any and all land owners, Quantico Orienteering Club, the United States Orienteering Federation, and their representatives, successors, and assigns, for injuries by, during, or resulting from this Quantico Orienteering Club event.

An adult must sign for all participants 17 and under.
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