Become a Member of QOC

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Use this form to activate (or renew) a QOC membership. Members receive their first event free plus discounts at all future events and are eligible for a variety of additional perks, so come and join the club!

New memberships will begin when payment is received; renewing memberships will extend from their expiration date upon receipt of payment.

Annual membership fee for individuals is currently $20, for families $30, and for junior (youth) groups, $50.

Checks should be payable to QOC and sent to: Vic Culp, PO Box 8241, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Note: although we use PayPal for payment processing, you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card for payment. Payment will appear on statement to "QUANTICOOR".

For family memberships: please provide one (adult's) first name.

For family memberships, the last name provided will be used as the primary contact, and it's the name that will show up in membership lists at events.

Birth year is used for age-related rankings. Families: please provide names and birth years for all other family members in the following section before submitting.

For Family Members: Using one line per person, please list each family member and their birth year. Families renewing their memberships need only provide details of any changes.
For Junior Group Memberships: Fill out this form.

This should be the telephone number you'd prefer us and club members to use when contacting you.

Type of phone?

Would you like to be sent an invitation to join the QOC Yahoo! discussion group? This forum is used to announce late-breaking event details as well as general club and member announcements.

We'll send you an invite to join the QOC group on Facebook, where lots of folks share info and event details are also posted.

Our friendly QOC volunteer coordinator will contact you to suggest volunteer opportunities - it's a great way to meet others as well as improve your orienteering skills.

Choose "Yes" to be contacted about joining Orienteering USA, our national organization publishing the orienteering magazine "Orienteering/North America" and offering members additional benefits.

Add any comments here, perhaps how you heard about us if you're joining for the first time, or what event types you'd like to see more of if you're renewing ... all comments welcome!

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